Boss like no other

On July 19, La Presse published a note in the series about business leaders in Quebec. Our boss is not like the others, Bernard Grandchamp was the headliner. Good reading!


Creative, motivating, passionate: some bosses stand out. La Presse has called on all to discover leaders who are passionate and appreciated.

Bernard Grandchamp a boss like no other bought his first business at 20 years old. From one thread to another, his laundry mat turned to renting tablecloths and tables before finally becoming Grandchamp Chapiteaux. At 49, the president and owner now has 65 employees under his wing.

For him a leader makes the right decisions and makes sure that the working atmosphere is pleasant.

“We play hockey here, not golf,” he says. We work as a team, we move forward together, communicating well and helping each other.’’ 



Bernard Grandchamp bases his management style on trust and control. “I need to know the numbers, the performance of the company, but also the people. My vision must be understood by all,” he explains.

To motivate his troops, he does not hesitate to give them responsibilities and listen to their ideas, even fine-tuning some flashes of genius with them. “We must also push the team members to improve, while providing opportunities for advancement and good working conditions,” added the boss.

This places the workers in the foreground. “For me, an employee is more important than a customer. I tell our customers too! “, He says with a laugh. The LEAN approach, which focuses on the individual, is also in effect.

Bernard Grandchamp also relies on human resources people to demonstrate to everyone that he has an important role to play, regardless of his age and experience. His door is always open, and employees can come and talk to him without embarrassment.

All those who work at Grandchamp Chapiteaux take the time to greet each other and shake hands when they get to work and leave.



Dashboards displayed in each service keep information up-to-date and more productive. A group meeting on Thursday also gives employees the opportunity to see the impact of their work on other teams.

Bernard Grandchamp, a boss like no other, advises new entrepreneurs to persevere, find allies and seek advice. “Starting a business is easy. Staying in business is another story.’’



“Bernard is very inspiring, and his business vision surprises many. He is a man of deep human values ​​who knows how to pass on his passion to the team around him. It inspires confidence and makes you better, because rather than seeing your mistakes or flaws, it highlights your good moves and your qualities. Having a rich career of more than 30 years, he knew how to take advantage of all the winds and tides in order to rebound and continually lead to success. Even today, at almost 50, he continues to want to grow, develop and learn

– Pierre Poirier, Sales Manager



“Bernard Grandchamp is an entrepreneur who has built his business from scratch. He is results and action oriented. In my opinion, he managed to establish this action taking dynamic with his people by giving a lot of importance to operational communication. He manages this communication: weekly meeting, dashboards … Everything is planned. I see him as a conductor who makes things happen, someone focused, effective. “He has achieved the feat of balancing trust and control by putting in place ways of doing things that allow him to keep an eye on what’s going on without blowing into people’s necks. It’s a winning recipe for an entrepreneur who must be careful with a lot of things if he wants to take on the real challenge that, as he says, is to stay in business. Bravo!’’

– Isabelle Lord, accredited coach (CCP), trainer, president of Lord Communication Manager and author of the business book Inspiring Managers: the 10 rules of communication for leaders.