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Commercial & Clear span tent for sale

Solid, prestigious, and durable tents for all your needs.

Should you buy used or New?

Take advantage of the sale of our used tents, but still in
very good condition!
A few sizes of used marquees remain available in our inventory.
Just call us for more information on costs and inventory.
At the term used,
we are talking about a marquee with up to 3 years of wear
and therefore,
almost new. These have been used for other previous
We also offer the option of producing a bespoke marquee
for your event by our sister company:
Grandchamp Structure Design



Grandchamp Structure Design, our sister company, specializes
in the manufacture of four-season marquees. Thanks to its know
-how and its innovative products, the possibilities of choice
are multiplying
to meet your needs. For needs requiring specific
widths, we sell structure tents from 20′ to 140′
wide without center mast and without maximum length! Especially
since these self-supporting Structure tents can withstand winds
of up to 140 km/h. In fact, these marquees are
recognized as the strongest marquees in the industry.
In short, these are the only tents that can support the weight of
Visit our website for the sale of Structure tents

Our aluminum extrusions


Grandchamp structure design specializes in the manufacture of
four-season marquees. We develop, among other things,
aluminum structures. That is to say, we have different models
Moreover, these aluminum profiles allow a multitude of possibilities
as to the load of the equipment inside the marquee.
The MEGA and XLN models are our most rugged models and serve
as four season marquees that can withstand winds of 140 km/h.
We have the XS-IF 2″ X 2-1/2″ model for smaller marquee marquees.
For a little bigger, we have the 2″x 4″ SERIES model.
It is used for canopies.
It is more robust and the structures are 20′ to 40′ wide.
In terms of size, we have the MEGA 2'' 1/2 x 8" model,
these are four-season
structures available from 30′ to 67' wide.
Finally, our new XLN model from 50′ to 140′ wide.


Indeed, we are recognized as the largest marquee manufacturing 
company in Quebec.
Our production system is inspired by the TPS
(Toyota System Production). This allowed us to win the Manufacturer
of the Year award in 2016.
LEAN PRODUCTION SYSTEM Our Lean culture organization
always takes us further. So there you have it, our structure tents
are all engineer approved and we have a qualified R&D development
team as well as an in-house team of industrial designers.
Our marquees are developed in conjunction with our sister company
Grandchamp Structure Design, ci specializes in the production
of four-season tents. In addition, the latter has developed
a brand new system to create compatibility of parts between
different sizes and different models of tents.
It should be noted that our marquees are all approved for wind forces 
of up to 140 km/h. SPEED OF PRODUCTION The acquisition
of a machine that allows vinyl to be welded by radio frequency allows
us to design quality the first time. This acquisition also offers,
by fusing
the vinyls together, welds of unparalleled quality!
This machine also enables
faster and more efficient production. Thanks to the speed of
of the machine on our 19 meter table and the possibility of
its movements, this equipment is ideal for our production.
Also, an automatic CNC vinyl cutter was purchased which allows for
precision production with incredible speed.


The foldable tent, commonly called the Grafik Tent, is easy to set up, 
lightweight and easy to maintain.
Several sizes are available, 10’x10′, 10’x15′ or 10’x20′.
In addition, this tent is available in several different colors.
It is possible to have your logos, slogans, etc. printed
on the roof of the tent if you wish. Generally used during
promotional events, the Grafik Tent is however suitable
for all kinds of activities, since it has been designed solidly
to withstand bad weather conditions. Thanks to its collapsible
structure, the collapsible tent is easy to store and transport.
The latter can be transported in a rolling bag, easily storing in a car.


Detail your needs in the quote request.

1 833-877-8368


450, rue Saint-Paul
Repentigny, QC J5Z 0C8

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