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Also known as a high peak tent

Fast manufacturing
With our automated machines, we can produce and deliver your projects within unbeatable deadlines.
Quick setup
Our experienced crew can install the largest projects in record time, no matter the conditions.
Our modular product allows you to create several structure sizes using a minimum number of parts.
Quebec Design
The engineering and design team designs marquees adapted to Quebec weather conditions.
Multiple size

Small Marquee

Here are the sizes we have available in the small marquee:

10'x10' - 10'x15' - 10'x20'- 15'x15' - 15'x20' - 20'x20'

In fact, all the small marquees are joinable, for example, we put together two small 20'x20' marquees. This way we can form a single 20'x40' canopy. And even a small 10'x20' tent with a 20'x20' to make a 20'x30' size. There is also the possibility of buying your small marquees.

Where marquee are used

The rental of a small marquee, also commonly known as a canopy, is perfect for a private event. Completely unobstructed without a central pole and without external rope, this awning-type marquee is modular for customization. In short, it is possible to assemble several tents together for larger events. In this way, our system of sealed gutters then allows this assembly without letting water infiltrate in case of rain.

Perfect for parties

This model of small marquee is widely used for private parties, surprise birthdays or even outdoor weddings. For the corporate needs, it is often used as a kiosk or even for under the tent sales. In short, this model of small tent is very affordable and versatile and suitable to your needs. With its zippered sides, it is easy to open and close the side curtains depending on the temperature. Our rail slider system works with casters for easy handling of side openings. You can then do whatever you want to best suit the mood to what you want. Request a quote online or call 1-800-565-8368 to discuss your project with one of our designers!

Easy installation

Our small foldable marquee model is ideal to use as a promotional tool, as we can print your name, corporate colors and logos. Easy and quick to install, only 30 seconds are required for deployment. The small marquee is designed especially for your company, association or sports team. The canopy is ideal for protecting you from the elements and is easy to carry in a car boot for any occasion.

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