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Up to 140' wide
Our tents can go up to 140' wide All our tent are design in imperial measurements : feet and inches, easy to understand.
Only one tool required
No more hassle of seaching to you tool box the exact tool. All our tent model use the same bolt size. You only need a 3/4'' wrench to assemble all our model.
Heavy Duty structure
As a tent rental company owner, you can now sleep at night knowing that you got the strongest tent in the industry. Raise the standard and offer high wind rated tent to your customer.
Machine washable
We know how it's important to save cost. This is why we design our tent to be wash in machine. No more absobent webbing. Removable Metal Hardware. No pocket where water can be trapped. Wash, hang and be ready for reinstalled in less than 24h

The Bolt-On systems

Industry-first system to rig anything anywhere on a structure tent. The Bolt-On systems come standard on all of our aluminium extrusions. You can now attach light fixtures, speakers, decor, fire extiguishers and more in a fast, easy and safe manner. No special clamps needed, say goodbye to zip-ties!


Discover many possibilities you can do with all our modular system tent, Learn how you can makes more tents with less parts.

  • Lessser investment, so more tents in your inventory
  • Less inventory logistics to manage

Designed for your needs

Leg as a Rafter - Rafter as a Leg

There is no difference for us between a leg and a rafter : Use your leg as a rafter to make a smaller or wider tent, or use the rafter as a leg to make a higer tent. You decide!

Save time and money with a used tent

We have several good quality used tents for sale.

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