Buy a used or new tent?

Enjoy the sale of our used marquees, but they’re in very good condition!

Some few sizes of used marquees are still available in our inventory. Just call us for more information about our price and our inventory. The term why the word ‘’used’’ is applied, it’s about fews tents with up for 3 years of wear and therefore, they’re almost new.  These have been served for others previous events .

 You also have the the option of producing a brand-new marquee tailored for your event by our Sister’s producing company:

Grandchamp Structure Design

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Sister Compagny

Grandchamp Structure Design, our sister company’ is specialised in the development and manufacturing of clear span structure tents (3-4 seasons). Due to their know-how and innovative products, the possibilities for your event are endless. For projects that require custom sizes we sell tents from 20’ wide up to 140’ wide without center poles, and all sizes have no limit to the length! Our clear span structures are engineered to support winds up to 140 KM/H and are well known in the industry as being the strongest out there. We are specialised in 4 season structures and offer the only tents that are engineered to support snow loads.

Visit our website for the sale of Structure tent:

Grandchamp Structure Design


Grandchamp Structure design specializes in the design and fabrication of four season structure tents. We develop, among other things, aluminum structures. That is to say, we have different models available. Moreover, these aluminum profiles allow a multitude of possibilities as to the rigging load of the equipment inside the structure. The MEDIUM and XL models are our most robust models and serve as four-season tents that can withstand winds of 140 km / h.

We have the model XS (2 “X 2-1 / 2”) that we use for marquee tents (high peak tents). The next size up, we have the SMALL model (size 2 “x 4”). The SMALL beam is mostly used for high peak tents but can also be used for small structure tents as well (40’ wide and under). Our second biggest beam is our MEDIUM model (2 “1/2 x 8”), which allows you to make four season structures from 30 ‘to 67’ wide. Finally, our new XL model for the 50 ‘to 140’ wide. this is by far our strongest beam and is generally used for tents that need to be snow loaded.  

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Production system

Indeed, we are recognized as the largest tent manufacturing company in Quebec. Our production system is inspired by TPS (Toyota System Production). This system allowed us to win the Manufacturer of the Year Award in 2016.


Our Lean culture organization always takes us further. So, our structure tents are all approved by an engineer, we have a qualified R & D development team and a team of industrial designers.

système de production
Our structures are developed by our sister company Grandchamp Structure Design, which specializes in the design and production of four-season structure tents. In addition, Grandchamp Structure Design has developed a brand new system to create a compatibility of parts between different sizes and different models of tents. Note that our tents are all approved for winds up to 140 km / h.


The acquisition of a machine that allows us to weld vinyl by radio frequency allows us to produce our tents with great efficiency and a constant quality. This RF welding machine also allows us to fuse our vinyl layers with an unparalleled quality in the industry. Thanks to the speed of movement of the machine on our 19 meter (62 feet) table and the possibility of programming its displacements, this equipment is ideal to increase our production capacity. We have also invested in a second CNC automatic vinyl cutter (118’’ wide) which allows for precise cuts at an incredible speed.


The “Pop-Up Tent” called the Grafik Tent is easy to install, lightweight, and easy to maintain.

Several sizes are available, such as: 10’ x 10’, 10’ x 15’ or 10’ x 20’. Even more, this tent is available in many different colors and gives you the possibility to print your logo, slogans, branding, etc. on the top if you choose to do so. Generally used during promotional events, the Grafik Tent is adaptable to many types of events. Due to its strong frame this small tent can resist to many different weather conditions. Since this tent is able to fold into a small package, this allows you to transport it with ease. You also have the option of a transport case with wheels to make the job even easier.