Tent Washing

For a good tent cleaning, it is no longer a secret, the canvases must be stored in a dry place. In this way, it prevents the appearance of mould on the canvas. We are developing our tents to make maintenance easier, without tubular bags that ventilate or cause water to accumulate during washing.

However, many tent owners do not do this for their tent washing. A tent is an important investment, which is why we offer you a good annual preventive maintenance, in order to restore a new shine to your canvases and thus extend their lifespan.

​When washing tents it is important to remember to store them when they are dry, this prevents the appearance of mold. We developed our marquee tents to allow easier maintenance and washing by removing a lot of metal parts as well as getting rid of all tubular pockets where water can accumulate. This prevents the appearance of mold due to water accumulation during the washing process. All of our structure roofs as well as the walls also include this development which increases the lifespan of your vinyl as well as its beauty.A tent of any size is an important investment, for this reason we suggest annual preventive maintenance, in order to restore the new sparkle to your vinyl and thus prolong its life.

Repair and maintenance

Our tent repairs are done in fusion by radio frequency. We do not glue pieces, but we merge the vinyl tents for any repair. Because a simple piece glued or welded with hot air will eventually take off over time, often in the same year or even at the next wash.

Our high-frequency radio process merges the vinyls by exciting the PVC molecules to form a single well sealed part.

fabrication de toile de chapiteaux

Drying maintenance

It is essential that the tent vinyl be completely dry before being stored. That’s why we take the time to maintain and dry the canvases. It is imperative to hang and ventilate the canvases to prevent a build-up of water, and thus prevent the fabric from showing traces of mold.

Impression Grand Format

Grandchamp Chapiteaux has a large scale printing department that allows us to offer a personalised service to our clients. Printing is available for both sales and rentals of tents in all sizes. it is now possible to have your tent in your own custom color, with walls, roofs, or gable ends printed or lettered to your specifications. Even more! Grandchamp offers services for your large scale printing needs that are not connected to tents:

  • Custom murals and wall papers.
  • Stage coverings as well as backdrops for any type of event.
  • A lettering service.
  • A graphic design service.

Let us know how we can help!

Our full size print shop is led by a team of Graphic and industrial designers who work directly with the client and production team. You can get effective consultation with our team of experts to help you create the design of your choice, according to your needs! Thanks to our state-of-the-art equipment such as a CNC cutting table, two high-frequency welding machines and a large latex printer – using eco-friendly, odorless and solvent-free ink – we ensure a high quality results every time. With the know-how of Grandchamp, the possibilities are now endless!