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Our modular tent concept allows you to create several sizes of marquees using a minimum number of parts
The engineering and design team designs winter marquees that can withstand extreme weather conditions

Winter Structure Tent Rental

Winter is not a reason to stop gathering and celebrate, far from it! Grandchamp is there to help you organize your events that require a marquee, regardless of the season. Our 4-season structure tents are made to withstand bad weather and snowfall in any form. Whether you need a winter marquee for a corporate event or for a large-scale festival, we will provide the best experience for your guests with our winter marquees for rent. By doing business with the marquee manufacturer directly like Grandchamp, you will find several customization options as well as an unparalleled speed of execution in the industry.
Quality against the elements

Tent Safety: Infallible Sturdiness

Qui dit hiver dit températures changeantes et précipitations sous plusieurs formes. Nous ne pouvons pas ignorer tous ces facteurs dans la conception de nos tentes structure en location qui seront installées en permanence ou en hiver seulement. Les standards de qualité et de solidité sont réévalués sur une base régulière afin de s’assurer d’offrir la structure qui peut résister au maximum d’intempéries. Nos chapiteaux d’hiver résistent à des vents allant jusqu’à 140 km/h. De plus, le toit des tentes structure résiste à un poids jusqu’à  80 lb par pied carré de surface. Le tout est examiné, testé et certifié par notre département d’ingénierie, et ce, pour n’importe quelle structure qui sort de notre atelier. En lire plus sur les spécificités techniques de nos chapiteaux d’hiver.
What makes our product unique

Stand up to the seasons

You will find the same attention to detail in a winter marquee as in all our other structures used during warmer seasons. Incredible but true, even our largest structures, such as the one created for the Port of Montreal, are just as comfortable in summer as in winter! Like our tents used in other seasons, our winter tents for rent can be personalized for your event with canvas prints in your brand colors or by adding glass doors.

You can also count on Grandchamp's renowned speed of execution and installation. Thanks to our standardized and optimized design, our winter marquee installations generally take 2 days or less, regardless of weather conditions. Our speedy response and the possibility of quick installation is what sets us apart! To meet your emergency shelter needs, such as on a construction site, an emergency deployment, a last minute event or a press conference, we have a marquee that will respond to your needs in time. Request your quote now!

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