Grandchamp is the winner of the manufacturer’s award

On Friday, May 6th, Grandchamp Chapiteaux was awarded the prize in the manufacturing category during the Distinction Award Gala of the Chamber of Commerce of the MRC de L’Assomption (CCMLA). In an exceptional and colorful atmosphere, this event, held every two years, celebrates and promotes local entrepreneurs.

Showing innovation at the technology level, Grandchamp Chapiteaux has acquired performance and precision equipment, such as a 70’ wide high-frequency welding machine. This process has shown that welding is the most reliable and durable way to seal vinyl. The resulting joint from a high frequency molecular weld becomes more resistant than the material itself and allows a more efficient production at the manufacturing level. In addition, the company also has a powerful digital cutting table and by far the most versatile ever.

 In a world where technology and business are changing rapidly, it’s important to invest in equipment that meets the needs of our customers and provides them with inspiring opportunities. Other than the innovation in equipment, our team is mobilized at all levels of the company to respect and put forward the values ​​of the latter. The “Lean management” method is the number one weapon to gain competitiveness. It is with this philosophy that Grandchamp Chapiteaux develops and manufactures stronger tents that are better adapted to its environment. All of this has allowed Grandchamp Chapiteaux to stand out and win the Manufacturer’s Award among all the candidates. This award reflects a passion of the entire team to reinvent itself for added value production.

We are very proud to receive this recognition, and this gives us wings to continue our mission. Mr. Bernard Grandchamp also mentioned the valuable assistance of certain stakeholders: CIENOV (CLD) – MEIE – NRC – EQ – DEC. “You have to choose whether or not to board the train. With this team, we not only chose to board, but we decided to be the driver. “